Best Composite Decking Brands 2022


Photo by PITCH Concepts - Browse deck ideas
Photo by PITCH Concepts – Browse deck ideas

Building a deck onto your home is a great way to increase your property value, and a surefire way to ensure your family will enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you’re designing a New York City rooftop deck or a family backyard in the suburbs – composite decking is an alternative style of deck board that has several advantages over traditional lumber. It has excellent durability, low maintenance, traffic friendly surface (no splinters or burning feet) and long term fade & stain industry warranties.

TimberTech, Trex and Fiberon are among the top three brands in the industry. They all provide generous warranties, several product lines and ample color choices. All of these brands are available to order through Prince Lumber.


The Green Factor

Composite lumber is greener than other forms of decking, but there are different levels of eco-friendliness depending on how far the company wants to take things. Trex realizes that, and the company is actually part of recycling programs in the United States and Canada, which recycle plastic. Their decking is also made from up to 95% recycled wood and plastic, so they are certainly eco-friendly in our eyes.

With TimberTech AZEK, you can expect the same commitment. The company recently opened a new green facility that’s geared towards using recycled content. Their PRO and EDGE collections are made from up to 80% recycled content, including the use of 100% recycled resin in the core of their boards. Their goal is to use 95% recycled material in their products, and it’s a milestone they should reach sooner than later.


Fade & Stain Resistance

With decking, stains and fading from the sun are two things that can do a deck in quickly regardless of whether it’s composite, PVC, or wood. While there are various ways to get around that, it all starts with quality construction although having a solid cap or a protective shell on top of each board certainly helps as well.

In this area, TimberTech AZEK decking comes out on top. Their PVC collection has a 50-year guarantee against stains and fading while PRO and EDGE come in at 25-30 years. With Trex, how long they’ll stay stain-free depends on the overall warranty, which is 25-years across all collections. With that in mind, each of their product lines has a “scratch” rating to assist your decision.

Traffic Durability

It’s a tie in this category – TimberTech, Trex and Fiberon all provide improved performance characteristics like outstanding weather protection, UV protection, resistance to scratching, and improved colorfastness.  All three brands are slip resistance and splinter free


Cooling Technology

MoistureShield Composite Decking developed CoolDeck® Technology to help reduce heat by up to 35% so you can stay much cooler under the hot summer sun. Available in their Vision® and Meridian capped wood composite lines. MoistureShield is the only company to offer this heat resistant innovation that can help you create more comfortable environments, all season long.  TimberTech also cooling technologies that claim to stay up to 30 degrees cooler.